"Madre: The Nun Who Was Mother to the Orphans of Honduras"

celebrates one fearless woman’s great goodness, charisma, and chutzpah in challenging endemic corruption and machismo for the sake of her country’s most vulnerable children.

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“The elements of this book highlight the admirable work of a woman who embraced the crucifix… and worked to show the face of God in the midst of her every work…. I hope that the life and works of this servant of the Lord serve as an inspiration for every Christian and person of good will who feels called to do good for a more just society.”

—Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodriguez Maradiaga, S.D.B., Archbishop of Tegucigalpa

"Always Room for One More: Wit and Wisdom from the Mother Teresa of Honduras,"

a companion volume to Madre, features more than 100 of Sister Maria Rosa’s quotes, quips, sayings and stories about essential life lessons like how to cherish children, how to help the poor, and how to discern God’s plan for your life.

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“To save these young children living on the city streets, you have to have strength and too much love to give each child all the love he has been missing since birth. You almost need to put them back into there womb to be born again, to help grow that dignity inside them.” –Sister Maria Rosa Leggol

“Christ said, ‘Pick up your cross and follow Me.’ He did not say to drag it and complain!” –Sister Maria Rosa